Creating the Club that rewards content creation

The Project

Concept-wise, the project brought the challenge of understanding the Taringa! community and designing a product like the T!Club that will encourage the creation of content based on rewards and gamification for them.

Then technically the challenge was to be able to bring together the different requirements of the product on a single platform: this was a Rewards App, with validation by Blockchain, which had to appeal to a cult community and at the same time encourage the creation of relevant content. As if this was not enough, it should encourage gamification, allowing the user to interact with the platform by playing and wanting to constantly upgrade their game.

Project summary

Taringa started with a one-weekretreat to discover the product.
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3 Product Designers 1 Project Manager


4 Months MVP T!Club9 months to goimproving the MVP


Product Discovery,Benchmarking Report,UX Architecture, Usertests, Design System,Branding assets,Prototype, Illustrations.

Project type

App Mobile, Web App, Landing, Motiongraphs, Branding.

Applied methodologies

Competitive benchmarking, User and product discovery, User interviews, Usability testing, Low-fi prototyping, High-fi prototyping.

Making a face for the club

We added the identity of the club to Taringa!, we made it recognizable, we gave it personality so that it can speak for itself. We took the playful language of colors and illustration and aligned it to the brand.

Working with Aerolab was enriching to Taringa! since they not only worked on the UX and UI of the product for our users, but they also put their know how into shaping the product itself, perfectly understanding the needs of our brand and the core of our business.

Lucila Paturzo
Project Owner de T!Club

Make it fun

We use thinking and game mechanics in a context where the game is not used to attract and generate the commitment of the users.

One of the challenges was aligning this new modality on a very popular and installed platform. The solution was to apply gamification as a strategy to introduce it in a friendly way. Traditional Taringa! users are very competitive, always concerned about their leaderboard, that’s why we wanted to take advantage of that feature. What better way to apply game logic: challenges, prizes and feedback.

Main take aways

  1. Many constraints

    Working with many constraints, testing a hypothesis about something not safe, understanding how to communicate what was happening in the Blockchain.

  2. Tokenomics

    Try to understand the Tokenomics to bring them to the user in an understandable way.

  3. Different teams

    Working and synchronizing with different teams (Devs, Taringa's internal team, Devs Blockhain IOV team).

Take Aways

"Taringa! Club was a product that included several challenges: blockchain, gamification, data viz. All of them had to converge into a platform that would meet the expectations of both the historical users of Taringa and the new ones. We achieved a product that meets all these characteristics and that continues to evolve today"

Aerolab Design Team

The results

We measured the SUS (System Usability Scale) and NPS (Net Promoter Score) in the beta version and obtained even better results than in previous stages that confirmed the improvement and quality of the product. We obtained a SUS of 87 over the average of 68 and NPS of 80% over the average of 21%.