A fitness assistant like no other

Tempo is not your average workout gadget. It’s a whole new kind of device, with a whole new kind of experience behind it.

Project summary


1 Lead Designer 1 UX/UI Designer 1 Project Manager


3 months


UX, UI, Motion

Project type


Applied methodologies

Business Research and Consultation, Benchmarking, User Research & Discovery, Interaction Design, User Interface, Wireframes of content and structure, Visual Design, Motion documentation

The Storytelling

Tempo is an interactive home gym with a 42" vertical screen. With its built-in 3D motion sensor and a team of fitness professionals offering real time advice, users can follow and update their routines, track their progress and keep their form in check.

We helped Tempo with an enriching dynamic, where their technical and product knowledge merged with our expertise, which made the workflow exciting.

The Challenge

A 42" screen is somewhat bigger than what we usually use. It was a challenge for us to design outside the guidelines of regular mobile, tablet or desktop screens and have to come up with a 100% tailor-made User Interface (UI).

A lot of the research for this project revolved around the best way of organizing information in a way that was clear and helpful, but didn’t get in the way of the workout itself.

It was fantastic to work with a client who was completely willing to solve our concerns (which were not few) about such a novel product, necessary to spread our wings.

Bianca Monti
Project Manager at Aerolab

Main Takeaways

  1. Constant Iteration

    It was vital to design with a screen prototype as close as possible to the real one to corroborate at all times the decisions that impact the user experience.

  2. Embrace the challenge

    It was not a mobile or desktop product. This posed a great challenge, but we were aware that regardless of the platform, the focus is on the user.

  3. User first

    It was not the same when you exercise and keep a certain distance from the screen or when you come to navigate and interact with the interface. The visual and typographic hierarchies in each of these moments were very different.

  4. Growing industry

    The at-home fitness system that Tempo has developed forms part of a growing industry due to the global pandemic, where the goal of workout technology is to help people set up their gym.

Aerolab's expertise in visual design, across a variety of platforms, helped us quickly launch and iterate Tempo. Their efficient project management kept things running smoothly, which enabled us to accomplish big things in a small amount of time.

David Aragon
Product Lead at Tempo

The Results

We made the user interface for the MVP of the WorkStation + Motion + Tempo Website for the sale of their product.

On the other hand, we made the documentation that defines the general parameters of Motion UI of the product so that in the future, Tempo can replicate the aesthetics of movement in other animations of the UI.