Restoring nature & improving carbon markets with a digital solution

Project summary


1 Product Designer 1 Developer 1 Project Manager


10 Sprints


Product Discovery, UX Architecture, Design System, Source Code

Sprint type

Landing Page, Form

Applied methodologies

User and product discovery, User interviews, High-fi prototyping, Frontend implementation, QA

The Storytelling

Pachama's mission is restoring nature to solve climate change with technology solutions to measure and reduce carbon emissions.

By leveraging data, artificial intelligence and automation, their focus is to protect ecosystems and improve the carbon market. They are scaling up the restoration forests and developing a digital platform to facilitate companies the trading experience of carbon credits to offset their impact on nature.

We enjoyed a lot working together with Aerolab to discover our customer's problems and come up with product solutions that could address them. Their team combines great design sensitivity with deep user insights which served us to develop our products. We recommend their work to other innovative organizations.

Diego Saez Gil
Co-Founder & CEO at Pachama

The Challenge

Every day more companies are willing to reduce their carbon footprint in the planet. Also, due to international regulations like the Paris Agreement (formerly known as Kyoto Protocol), the world's largest companies have to offset their environmental impact. That's an opportunity that Pachama saw to create a digital product to solve climate change.

The Pain

Today companies rely on their sustainability department to determine which projects will have carbon emissions. Then they contact brokers (like in the financial market) to emit carbon credits to invest on reforestation and conservation in relation to that impact caused. That process is not thought through: mostly they are just documents in PFDs with technical language. It is not a good experience.

The team in the one month Product Discovery Retreat in SF.

The Pachama team, with the support and investment of Y Combinator, saw the opportunity to develop a digital solution to assist companies in their duty to protect and restore forests.

They thought: "There has to be an easier and more effective way to measure these emissions in the environment". Which brings together two key elements: the product and the technology. One helps the other.

Main Takeaways

At the the beginning, it was not clear what the product was going to be. We started with a one month Product Discovery Retreat at Boulder Creek, SF with the Pachama team. From there, we worked together to build an MVP to validate the hypothesis of companies interested in offsetting their carbon emissions.

These companies needed a place where they could access carbon credits, with a sort of marketplace. They also needed to follow up on the development of the projects in which they had invested, due to an important insight that arose in user interviews.


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We were working hand in hand. Contact was daily. The objective was always to have as little waste as possible. What we talked about in one day, we iterated the next day. We were with them throughout the process. Because of the stage they were in, the important thing was to launch in production.

Juani Ruiz Echazú
Former Partner at Aerolab