UX in emergency situations

Project summary

Sura is among the largest Latin American companies in the insurance industry according to the MAPFRE Foundation. We worked together to redesign their application & responsive web used by their clients and the insurance company Answer.


2 Product Designers 1 Project Manager


5 months


Benchmarking Report, UX Architecture, Design System, Prototype

Sprint type

App Mobile Web Responsive

Applied methodologies

Competitive benchmarking, User and Product Discovery, User interviews, Usability Testing, Low-fi prototyping, High-fi prototyping.

The Challenge

The main challenge was to put ourselves in the shoes of a user who will use the platform in very high stress situations, such as reporting a claim or asking for assistance when having a problem with their car.

"From the beggining of the project we spoke with different areas of the company to understand the needs of those who fisrt contact with the user, identifying that the self-management of the insurance from the app would improve the visibility of the status and reduce waiting times."

Aerolab's Design Team
Andrea Orlandi and Miranda Mazzara

Main take aways

  1. The importance of making the status of the processes visible to give the user peace of mind with their emergency.

  2. The user of appropriate illustration at each stage of the process reduces cognitive load for users.

  3. The more control we give to the user for self-management, the less operational burden the customer service sector has.

  4. The importance of streamlining the understanding of highly technical terminology with complementary information for the user.


​​We designed the app with a focus on transmitting confidence and security to the users, who were used to make this petitions through phone for many years.

Miranda Mazzara
Product Designer, Aerolab
app on a phone

Aerolab has an exemplary team of work. They allowed us to build a product with great potential, with an outstanding focus on the needs of our insured clients

Vanesa Guilarducci
Sura’s Product Owner

Successful User Tests

Due to the flows’ complexity, we decided to test the app during the early wireframing stage. We were able to validate our hypothesis and identify pain-points, which allowed us to enhance the experience in the UI phase.

Custom Icons and Illustrations

We designed a system for icons and illustrations, which made the app a unique product and provided the user a more pleasant experience.


​​We started with a very large Design System that challenged us to make the graphic identity of the UI unique, while still being part of the system and with the ability to be scalable

Andrea Orlandi
Product Designer, Aerolab