Creating efficient experiences for industrial workflows

Project summary


1 Project Manager 1 UX/UI Designer 1 Motion Designer


26 Sprints


Product discovery, UX Architecture, Design System, Prototype, Motion Explainer Video

Project type

PWA, App mobile, Motiongraphs

Applied methodologies

Competitive benchmarking, User and product discovery, Low-fi prototyping, High-fi prototyping

The Product

Taking an MVP to a complete next level, redesigning experiences centered on operational/industrial contexts, making a huge impact on Information Architecture to allow upcoming features complexify the app.

Designing MX experiences along an entire year gave us the chance to constantly iterate flows and views according to their use.

Josefina Campos
UX/UI designer at Aerolab

Quickly seeing already implemented designs is great for a designer to be aware of how their work comes up to life, the same as having the chance to give feedback about it.

Josefina Campos
UX/UI Designer at Aerolab

Main Takeaways

  1. Working on product requires being 100% conscious of all decisions that you take along the process, as at the end of the day they all impact on each other.

  2. Keeping super close contact with the client and developers team was essential to contribute to a successful project.

  3. Never stop revisiting already made decisions!

The Results

  1. Onboarding Redesign

    led MX to increase Organization's registrations.

  2. New complex Information Architecture

    New complex Information Architecture let the product gain essential features.

  3. Creation Forms redesign

    Made the app much more friendly and easy-to-use.

  4. Code Scanning

    Allowed users to interact with the app in a super smooth way.

Product Thinking workshop conduced at TBS Headquarters in London for their regional directors