One Design System for 3 countries

Aligned to the Existing App

We worked on unifying what were then separate sites: Costa Rica, El Salvador, and Guatemala.

To achieve this, we created a single Design System for a Content Management System (CMS), that allows them to now manage all three countries’ content quickly and easily. During this process, we made sure the look and feel of this new website and the app they had already begun to build were aligned.

Project summary

multimoney a FinTech company with 25+ years in the Central America financial market, is launching their re-branded new digital platform.
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1 Project Manager 1 UX/UI Designer 2 Developers


9 sprints from kick-off to delivery


Product Discovery, Benchmarking Report, UX Architecture, Design System, Source Code, CMS

Project type

Landing, Website

Applied methodologies

Competitive benchmarking, User and product discovery, Frontend implementation, QA.

The Challenge

Part of our job was guiding multiple stakeholders in participating in every decision we made. Our design proposal included a complete re-branding which we built upon the re-branding they already had.

In order to be able to do so, we had to firstly gain a full understanding of their core product. An excellent relationship based on solid communication with the client was essential for us to effectively communicate the company’s values through this new design.

The scalability needed on this project, to be able to handle content from 3 different countries, prompted us to work on a design system robust and versatile enough to gain consistency across all the sites we developed.

Melanie Seranusoglu
UX/UI Designer at Aerolab
Nathalie Rosengarten

The journey was two-parted: First off, a landing page as the later full web’s teaser. We broke down each country’s sites in order to understand their content and troubleshoot the interactions, to then redefine the navigation architecture into a single site that still held country-specific content.

Exchanging insights with the PO on the client’s side, our developer & app team was key to the definition of the methodology we’d undertake in designing for a CMS that would allow for future scalability, and the translation & expansion of the company’s branding onto this new product.

Nathalie Rosengarten
UX/UI Designer at Aerolab

The Takeaways

The project went through several stages. For starters, the Discovery stage allowed us to understand multimoney’s product and the digital transformation they meant to arrive at, as well as define the project’s goals. After re-constructing what is now a single navigation architecture flexible enough to adapt to all three countries, we created a component library that integrates with a CMS environment. This lets the client manage and update their content as needed.


  1. CMS: Gives the client the independence he needs to assemble the site’s pages to meet their business’ needs, or create new ones. This means hassle-free, quick updates.

  2. Atomic Design: Made the integration with the CMS easier for our developer.

  3. Component Library: Made our design future-proof. Recycling components means the client can adapt the site to future changes in their product and/or content.

  4. Brand Unification: We successfully unified the content of three very different sites, each pertaining to a specific country, that held no relationship amongst themselves. In the creation of a single new design, we established guidelines that resulted in the unification of the brand.

Florencia Teves

I learned a lot about the CMS and how to replicate different approaches about every client and their flexibility.

Florencia Teves
QA Analyst

The Results

Providing a quick and straight-to-the-point take of what goes on in Argentina and the world is no small feat. We came out of the research stage with a few ideas about what readers need out of an online news platform.

  1. Managing Content

    Uploading and modifying content is now a simple and fast task.

  2. Branded Experience

    The brand is now stronger and solid due to the unification of all three sites into a single new branding and website design.

  3. Ease of Navigation

    Users experience an easier navigation of the site, thanks to the reconstruction of its architecture.