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One Design System four banks

Project summary

Redesigning the UX and UI of four banks (Banco Santa Fe, Banco Entre Rios, Banco San Juan, Banco Santa Cruz) with Contenful CMS integration, which through its modular and component-based design, allows the creation of new landings, or content without requiring technical knowledge.


3 Product Designers 4 Developers 1 QA Analyst 1 Project Manager


8 months


Benchmarking Report, UX Architecture, Design System, CMS, Source Code

Tools applied

Contentful NextJS/React Storybook Gitlab

Applied methodologies

Competitive benchmarking User & Product discovery User interviews Usability testing Information Achitecture Lo-fi prototyping Hi-fi prototyping.
app flow chart

The Challenge

We had the great challenge of achieving a modular and scalable design, and a system that would manage the content of the four banks, in an easy and flexible way, building a library of components to cover the needs of all products and services.

app components
app components

It was challenging to create a graphic system that allows scalability and application in all four banks. Working together with teams from different areas of the Petersen Group was key to understand different points of view on problems and allowed us to explore possible solutions to generate an intuitive product that reflects the needs of both the business and its users

Aerolab’s Design Team
Antonella Rodríguez, Julieta Carreyra and Alexander Mann

Main Take aways

Card sorting

The key aspects of a neat sync between teams. Focus on division of responsibilities, organisation of tasks through milestones and flexibility to adapt to customer needs.
Having a mitigation plan and a critical path analysis.

Card sorting
app on a phone

Being a large team we had the flexibility and optimal synchronization to adapt to the processes and needs of the client and work together with multiple teams from totally different disciplines

Lucas Romero Di Benedetto
Developer at Aerolab

The results

  1. We improved up to 50% the loading and navigation speed through Server Side Rendering and different optimization practices.

  2. Fast and agile process of modification, approval and publication of content through a headless CMS such as Contentful.

  3. To achieve a hierarchical visualization of all the products offered by the bank, components were designed to show the relevant information to the user in an attractive way.

app on a phoneapp on a phone

At GP we always seek to provide the best customer experience. We worked with Aerolab with the most demanding levels of quality and it was an overcoming experience

Luciana Della Croce
CDO - Digital Corporate Management