Rethinking the experience of online education

Project summary

Acámica works to develop the talent of the future by educating young people in technology disciplines and preparing them for their first jobs experiences.


3 UX/UI Designers 3 Devs 1 PM 1 QA


12 Sprints from kick-off to delivery


Product Discovery, Benchmarking Report, UX Architecture, Design System, Source Code

Project type

Responsive Web App

Applied methodologies

Competitive benchmarking, User and product discovery, User interviews, Usability testing, Low-fi prototyping, High-fi prototyping, Frontend implementation, QA

The challenge

Design and develop a digital product that the student felt both comfortable with and challenged at the same time. Transforming the offline educational experience into a 100% remote & online experience, without missing the teamwork and the interaction with teachers. Also, it was a challenge to understand how three different roles of users (Student, Mentor, Evaluator) could coexist together.

Redesigning an educational platform was a great challenge. The students use this tool to study, deliver their projects and interact with their evaluators throughout the career. It needed to be very easy to use, so that it can become familiar as they moved forward in the course.

Mariana Perez Villanueva
Product designer, Aerolab

Main takeaways

Libraries will save us all

We worked with libraries since the first wireframe, that made design work very agile and had a direct impact in the creation of components that were directly implemented in React by the dev team.

Thinking the three different user roles in depth levels

We thought of and designed the platform by taking into consideration the depth levels. Main screens were done first, followed by the second and third depth level. This approach ensured consistency throughout page typology, reusing as many components as possible. This also allowed us to design the three different roles at the same time.

Design & development working side by side

- The roadmap of the project was created by the two teams, devs+designers, therefore coding needs were taken into consideration for the design planning.

- Setting up of the data structure and content at wireframe level.

In our quest to continue innovating Acámica´s learning experience, we found in Aerolab a natural partner to redefine our digital experience, leaving behind old concepts of traditional teaching for a modern design focused on the student.

Tomás Escobar
Founder, Acámica

The results

  • Increase in the amount of students

  • Better administration of the relevant information.

  • Big improvements in customer experience of both Mentors & Evaluators (with the new version, both parts can see the deliverables)

  • We included new Data Driven assets to help the client in their performance tracking of the groups in different stages.

The client’s team turned out to be very participative and collaborative. This made everybody to work in a great environment having the chance to iterate quickly and capitalize each feedback.

Melanie Seranusoglu
Product designer, Aerolab
There is a partnership between Acámica & Aerolab since the co-creation of their UX and Design course offers.