FARO, an smart app for an IoT helmet

Project summary

Unit 1 is an American Company that creates hardware and software tech-enabled products for Action Sports & Urban Mobility. We worked together to design and develop the mobile app for their urban helmet FARO in both iOS and Android.


2 Product Designers 3 Developers 1 Project manager 1 QA


12 months


Product discovery, Motion & illustrations, Prototype, Source code, Builds in App Store Connect & Play Store, CMS

Project Type

App for IoT

Applied methodologies

User interviews, User testing, Low-fi prototyping, High-fi prototyping, Frontend and Backend integrations, QA.

Creating FARO companion App

Faro App features

  • Fall DetectionFall Detection

  • Light CustomizationLight Customization

  • Ride TrackingRide Tracking

  • Weather ResponsiveWeather Responsive

  • Ambient Light ResponsiveAmbient Light Responsive

  • Daily ChallengesDaily Challenges

Interacting with hardware

Our development team was challenged to integrate the app with the helmet. Built in React native, they used a Bluetooth API to communicate with the different features of the helmet, such as fall detection and light configuration using BLE technology (Bluetooth Low Energy).

They also managed to integrate the app with a geolocation library, that runs in the background, to track user’s rides.

We started the app development making integrations with a development kit, which allowed us to move quickly with the project before having the final hardware.
Lucas Romero
Lucas Romero
Engineering Director

A gamified experience

To make the experience more memorable, we designed a full gamified experience system as a fun way to gain engagement with the users.

  1. To keep the users interested, the apps recommends daily challenges based on their interest.

  2. We designed a full badge system with custom illustrations, to make the product unique and make the users feel motivated.

  3. We created a level up system that goes along with the user’s growth, providing a structure that helps them discover every feature of the app.

The results

We worked hand in hand with the client, as they brought the product to life while we built the helmet app. We ended up with a fully integrated app that transfers the urban experience in a beautiful digital and physical mix, with a unique graphic identity creating a stylish UI that matches the product and the style of its users.

App design