The supermarket of tomorrow

Project summary

Tottus consisted of creating a supermarket E-commerce aimed at improving their most critical user flow: the User Experience of the Checkout process.
The team of Aerolab studing the best options for the project.
App screens.


3 Product Designers 3 Full Stack Developers 1 QA Analyst 1 Project Manager


10 months


Product discovery, Benchmarking report, UX Architecture, Design system, Prototype, Source code, CMS

Project Type

Ecommerce website

Applied methodologies

User and product discovery, User interviews, Low-fi prototyping, Hi-fi prototyping, Backend implementation, Frontend implementation.

The challenge

Reducing friction during checkout and displaying products from all categories at supermarkets were the main challenges to consider during the redesign of the platform.

Also, one of the objectives of the redesign was unifying the sites for both Chile and Peru that were disconnected from each other. This is why a self-managed site was created to cover these needs and allow autonomy and scalability.

Cards showing the supermarket products
Mockups contain the screens of Tottus

Working at Tottus was a great learning experience. It was a challenge to create a product for two countries with particular needs and develope scalable components for the entire site.

Clara Brodsky
Product Designer

Main take aways

  1. Working closely with the client and all the partners involved, together with profound research, allowed us to understand the product in greater depth.

  2. The Product Discovery was made in a trip to Chile and Peru that allowed us to map the purchase process and the connection with the E-commerce, and relieve the user’s and business pains and needs.

  3. Assembling a complete and defined component system facilitated scalability, thinking of all possible use cases, specially in the Checkout stage.

  4. We developed strategies for user retention throughout the whole flow, prioritizing the agility of the purchase and solving specific needs of each user.

Cart design of Tottus e-commerce
Cart design of Tottus e-commerce

The results

We improved the User Experience of Stock availability and Checkout, which was a critical user flow for this supermarket E-commerce. We redesigned and developed a broad solution that considered all variables: from the chosen physical store, delivery, available stock, replacing a product or not, and many possible use cases depending on each purchase.

Screens Tottus