Democratizing the crypto world

Project summary

Ripio is Latin America’s pioneer in the crypto space. Making it possible for users to buy, sell and stake cryptocurrencies. Ripio was on its way to get mass adoption, so they asked us to work on definitions and experiences for their main product.


2 Product Designers 1 Project Manager


6 months


Discovery definitions, UX Architecture, Hi-fi Prototypes, Motion & Illustrations

Project Type

Product discovery Product design

Applied methodologies

Competitive benchmarking, User and Product Discovery, User interviews, Usability testing, Low-fi prototyping, High-fi prototyping.

The challenge

It may sound strange, but not that long ago, cryptocurrencies weren’t as mainstream as they are today. Ripio had one of the few products in LATAM gaining traction. They (and us too) were eager to find a new approach to maximize that growth and break that harsh learning curve to the crypto world.

Ripio mobile version

Your product is every user who uses it

Based on Ripio's product roadmap and on the product thinking's findings, the conclusion was that Ripio needed to be more than a wallet, it needed to be a new platform to enter the crypto world.

The new approach

Based on the findings of product thinking we concluded that Ripio needed to be more than a wallet, it needed to be a new platform to enter the crypto world.

  1. Integral

    Unifies all Ripio products in the same place, organically and with a meaning.

  2. Flexible

    Based on a modular design system that can be adapted to different platforms and products.

  3. Scalable

    Built as a permeable structure that allows the product to be scaled at different levels.

Custom illustrations & motion

​Unique for Ripio products, we created an icon and illustration system that differentiate it from the competence.

We focused on changing the established crypto onboarding and offboarding experience to minimize the intimidation of buying or selling cryptocurrencies, learn how to use new tools, and become part of the blockchain ecosystem without being tech-savvy.

Nicolas Andronowicz
Project Manager

The results

  1. A new navigation, rework of architecture and sitemap for users with or without account, for a transparent product logic.

  2. An improved KYC in conjunction with the business requirements, increasing the conversion rate of the flow.

  3. A complete refactor of the Ripio core, including wallet. A new catalogue.

  4. A modular and flexible user dashboard that adapts to the needs of each trader.

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