A unified health data experience

Project summary

Pulse by Pluto is a platform that gathers all patient data and information to help evaluate for gaps in care. Aerolab worked alongside Pluto’s team to deliver a fresh and revamped MVP App in only three months.


2 Product Designers 3 Full-stack developers 1 Proyect manager


6 months


Branding assets, Prototype, Source code, Builds in App Store Connect

Project Type

Mobile App

Applied methodologies

Low-fi prototyping, High-fi prototyping, Frontend implementation, Backend integrations, QA

Understanding the challenge

To build an automated platform that bridges health data from different records, we had to research the patient's journey throughout the US healthcare system, while considering legal and technical restrictions.

From a design perspective, this led us to completely rethink the architecture and main flows, as well as the look and feel.

The development team, on the other hand, rebuilt the code in React Native and integrated the product with several different medical services.

Making complex things simple

The security of the platform required the user to go through a lengthy onboarding process with many authentication steps. The design team had a major challenge, to make the flow simpler and straightforward for the users.

Privacy and security first

Due to privacy policies, medical studies could not be stored on any server, so we looked for the technology to solve that problem.

We decided to store the information in each user's device, using IOS Secure Enclave, providing total security to the patient's data.

In addition, we integrated the product with a Digital Identity Verification library to make it even more secure.

App ecosystem

​We learned a lot about integrations, connecting Pluto with dozens of medical platforms from hospitals and insurers.

Hernán Valdez

The results

A complete automated app that brings together patients information from around 90% of healthcare systems, displaying complex information in a clean user-centered interface. We are very happy with the result, working fully agile and integrated with Pluto's team to get the product ready for testing in a short period of time.