Helping talent recruitment across Latin America

Project summary

Mercado Libre is one of the biggest companies in Latin America and part of the Nasdaq 100. Their main goal is to democratize e-commerce and financial services over Latin America. They came to Aerolab to redesign their career website taking in count their expansion across the continent.


2 Product Designers 3 Full-stack developers 1 Project Manager


3 months


Prototype, Source code

Project Type


Applied methodologies

Low-fi prototyping, High-fi prototyping, Frontend implementation

A growing challenge

Facing the company’s growth, our main challenge was to integrate all their job openings for every industry and country of the region.

Ready for dynamic content

Built in NextJS and Styled components, all the content is dynamic and it is planned so it can be fetched from a CMS in the next release.We also integrated an i18n library to manage their multi language needs.

A hint of interaction

As we were moving forward with the design process, we crafted different interactive prototypes for the stakeholders to grasp the ideas we had in mind. Out main focus was to create seamless animations to empower the storytelling and to create memorable micro interactions.

The results

  1. A 50% improvement of the site’s performance over the previous one.

  2. A fully interactive website with reusable components and editable content.

  3. A cohesive experience in line with Mercado Libre’s branding.

  4. A scalable website prepared for their growth.