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A storytelling experience

Aerolab worked with Facebook to give a high level overview of their investment in the Argentine community with their new Innovation Lab by providing a referential single-page website.

The innovation center

Facebook has set up an "Innovation Lab" in Buenos Aires which essentially support Argentinian developers, innovators, and startups through advanced mentorship programs. The objective of the Innovation Lab from Facebook is to fuel innovation, create economic impact, and bolster the Argentinian tech ecosystem.

Project summary
Team Size
5 participants
1 Month
Landing one pager, CMS
Sprint type
Methodologies used
Business Research and Consultation, Benchmarking, User Research, Interaction Design, Content and Structure Wireframes, Prototype, Visual Design, UI Guidelines, Documentation, Animation, HTML, CSS, Deploy

“To give people the power to build community and bring the world closer together”

Mark Zuckerberg

Founder and CEO at Facebook, Inc.

The Storytelling

The single-page format limitation is a great opportunity to focus on building an engaging storytelling experience, leading users’ attention on one specific message.

Our goal was to offer a clear storyline to the Argentinian entrepreneurial ecosystem, with a high level overview of the initiatives offered by the Innovation Lab from Facebook and the impact of their investment for the Argentine Community: training programs, counseling, networking events, hackathons and activities that empower and drive the local entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Story telling facebook page

Technology used

Artwork Facebook Aerolab

Technology used

  • A mobile-first approach for the site, focused on performance, shareability and flexible content management.
  • CMS using WordPress, creating a new design from scratch and optimizing it for this particular use case.
  • Performance testing on midrange mobile devices to ensure a great user experience for all users.
  • CDN with edge locations in or around Buenos Aires, since the site is focused on argentinian users, to improve load times at a very small cost.
A storytelling experience

The results

We planed, designed, developed and released an exclusive website and its funcional CMS in only two weeks from the ground up. While following the Facebook Brand Guidelines, we gave a unique identity to the Innovation Lab of Buenos Aires and made it stand out alongside the other Facebook Innovation Labs in the world.

Aerolab, We planed, designed, developed and released an exclusive website and its funcional CMS in only two weeks from the ground up