Crafting a site for Auth0’s pledge on Social Impact

Project summary

Auth0 is an identity platform that facilitates the authentication process. From Aerolab we helped them get together a visual identity and a clear website for their social impact pledge.


1 Product Designer 1 Developer


3 Sprints


UX Architecture, Website UI, Style Guide Source Code


Website design Branding

Applied methodologies

High-fi prototyping, Frontend implementation

The challenge

Auth0 created the Secure Access For Everyone (SAFE) Fund as their social impact initiative. They make grants to nonprofit organizations to fight for equal access to technology and education for everyone in an inclusive way. They came to Aerolab to design and develop the landing page for this program, with a visual identity that could both coexist and distinguish itself from their main brand.

The main take aways

In order to allocate part of their equity to nonprofit organizations, Auth0 partnered with the Pledge 1% movement. This action formalized their social impact project with the Auth0 SAFE Fund. Our job during this project was to find a distinguishable look & feel for this program's landing page, in between the Auth0 brand.

Working with Auth0 was wonderful. We had space to explore by thinking outside the box to create visual interest and an identity that leverages their site’s message.

Nathalie Rosengarten
Product designer, Aerolab

Thanks all team Aerolab! You kicked ass!

Ari Schapiro
Project owner, Auth0

The results

Auth0’s social impact domain has its own new visual identity inside their main brand. All the relevant information, such as the current nonprofits they support and the eligibility criteria to participate in this program are displayed on the website.