A smarter way of doing news
way of doing news.
A smarter way of doing news
A24.com is a state-of-the-art news platform designed to adapt to readers’ context, intention, and moment of use.

Perform and inform.

Thousands of people turn to A24 every day to stay up to date with current events on Argentina and the international scene. Part of the challenge was to build a robust, intuitive product that performed properly on all devices and connection speeds.

We needed to embrace the concept of Minimum Viable Product and adapt to things developing and evolving as we worked.

Agustina Gewerc
Editorial innovation & New formats at A24.com

Project summary

Team size

7 participants


6 months


UX Architecture, UI kit, Development

Sprint type


Methodologies used

Benchmark, User Interviews, Card sorting, IA, Brand Voice, Product ID, Proto-Personas, Customer Journey Maps, Wireframing, Interactive Prototypes, Usability Tests.
Context shapes
The role “The News” play on people’s lives has changed. What used to be a routine in itself, a slot of time devoted to the newspaper or news broadcast, now consists of brief moments of use, spread along users’ days.
Context shapes content
Intention and attention spans
Intention and attention spans.
Users’ media consumption habits helped us understand the different moments of the day where they seek out information and just how much time and effort they put in this task.

[Pictured] We mapped a series of hypotheses through Customer Journey Maps, User Personas and User Interviews.

It was amazing to work with a client that really cared about their users and seeing how research can shape the final product

Mariana Perez Villanueva
UX/UI Designer @aerolab
Working side by side with A24’s team gave us a clear perspective of how a news team works and what they need out of the platform they use to reach users. Our relationship with news and technology is constantly changing, and A24.com is
designed to keep up with that change
A no-nonsense reading experience
Providing a quick and straight-to-the-point take of what goes on in Argentina and the world is no small feat.
We came out of the research stage with a few ideas about what readers need out of an online news platform.
  1. A need for speed
    Users don’t stick around if they have to wait 10 seconds for an article to load.

    That’s why A24.com is a PWA built on React and Next.JS that prioritizes performance and intelligent content loading, making it Argentina’s fastest news site. 🚀
  2. Familiarity and utility
    The homescreen, where the day’s biggest stories are highlighted, resembles the cover of a traditional newspaper while the news feed gives them instant access to dropdown articles.
  3. Efficient topical search
    Hashtags -a pattern social media relies heavily on- make it easy for readers to search for specific and relevant content, as well as navigating between related topics.
  4. Scannable content
    Articles are broken into smaller bits of information, reducing cognitive strain and making the reading experience more natural. (As well as commute-friendly)
  5. Sharing shortcuts
    Selected excerpts of articles can be shared directly to Facebook and Twitter. Traditional link sharing is optimized for Whatsapp, LinkedIn and other social platforms.
A year after launch, the numbers validated some of the hypotheses we came up with during the process.
of our readers are coming from referral sources.
minutes is the average people spend on the site.
of all visits comes from mobile devices.

A24 is a fantastic example of how a performance-focused technology stack can have a noticeable impact on user experience

Roberto González
CTO @aerolab
After all the work we did, we reach the final stretch and ended up with a scalable solution that is super fast, with a seamless and consistent experience cross-device and a clear prioritization of the content.
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An award-winning relationship
In the category 'outstanding application of the year', A24.com was awarded with a Martín Fierro for 'Jugá 24', a sports betting game designed by Aerolab at the occasion of the 2018 World Cup.
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An award-winning relationship
It’s finished, but it’s not done yet.
Technology and the news, as well as the role they play in people’s lives, are constantly in motion. We’re still working with A24 on new ways of keeping the platform relevant, useful, and robust.

Stay tuned for more.
From the beginning we envisioned A24 a living product, so we built strong foundations to be iterated on: we knew that users will still be in need of the information. That is the ongoing challenge, to be attentive to this need and generate tools that will improve the way we receive the data.
Rocio Mariana Vazquez
Rocio Mariana Vazquez
UI/UX Designer at Aerolab