Re-building the financial infrastructure system from scratch.

November 2015 - June 2016



Over $1 trillion in independent contractor income annually in the U.S. is locked in a 30, 60, or 90 day invoicing cycle and individual and business expenses don't wait for an invoice to get paid. With Qwil, independent contractors can avoid the invoicing cycle and get paid instantly. Qwil is a B-Corp dedicated to providing independent contractors with the financial tools they need to thrive - because they're people, not vendors.



When Qwil's team met us, they were taking the first steps of the adventure of setting up a new company. This means they had neither a solid brand identity nor a product to launch to the market. The question was simple (just the question).

Can you help us launch our product?

Challenge accepted!

qwil needed to


A Brand Identity

Our strategy


A brand system


The product

Design the app

For iOS, Android & Web


The Company


Qwil's value proposal

In order to achieve these goals we assembled a full-stack team focused on design, development, and marketing strategy who was in charge of most of the product decisions. Collaboration was an essential part of the process, so we worked with agile tools and methodologies to guarantee the best communication and performance across the entire process.


Project Manager







From 0 to 500

Good entrepreneurs are defined by their ambitions and beliefs. They are challenge-makers and they are always looking for opportunities that can take their ideas to the next level. 500 Startups, one of the leading venture capital seed funds and startup accelerator, was one of those opportunities.
At Aerolab we love challenges, so when the founders decided to apply for the 500 Startups 16 Batch we knew it was going to demand a lot of work, collaboration, and vision. And guess what? They were accelerated!

During the application, we helped the team through the following steps:

Developing The MVP
Creating The Pitch Deck
Product Launch



Keep it simple

This service is going to be used by all kinds of people. Something simple will help us create something intuitive for everyone.

Be consistent

Building an app for three different platforms is a big challenge. In order to succeed, the experience has to be the same on every device.

Be friendly

Remember that they are people, not vendors! Treat them with love and respect.

Be transparent

When you operate with money people expect transparency. Give them the power to choose what to do with their earnings.




We created a brand identity that combines the security of a financial app with the values that make Qwil a simple, friendly, and professional company.
Simplicity and unique visual language was part of our strategy in order to create a clean and modern brand.

Color Palette


Typography System

Lato is a sans serif typeface family started in the summer of 2010 by Warsaw-based designer Łukasz Dziedzic (“Lato” means “Summer” in Polish). In December 2010 the Lato family was published under the Open Font License by his foundry Typoland, with support from Google.

Say hello to Qwil

Lato Regular

Say hello to Qwil

Lato Italic

Say hello to Qwil

Lato Bold


Multi-Platform App

Qwil wants to be where their users are. That means we had to create a consistent experience across multiple devices, from desktop to mobile.
At the beginning of the project we started crafting ideas, prototypes, and wireframes focused on the iOS version of the app. This decision was crucial in order to iterate fast through the creation of the user interface. Once we finished with the first version we started planning the creation of the app for Android and Desktop.

iOS App

Android App


Marketing Communication

Qwil asked us to create some pieces of communication in order to announce the launch of the product and attract early users. It was the first time Qwil appeared to the world and we wanted to make the world notice.
For this step of the project the first impression was crucial, especially on the website. We crafted a lot of design proposals but at the end we realized that animation could be a great approach to apply on the landing page.

Landing Page

Personal Cards


Motion UI

Landing Page Hero

Splash Animation



We relied on Agile methodologies in order to keep designers and developers close together during production and to deliver results with tight deadlines.

We integrated our dev team with Qwil the second the project started. Once they finished with the API and core banking services, we focused on integrating all of Qwil’s products with the new infrastructure.

Our development team was in charge of the following projects:

- iOS App
- Android App
- WebApp for Customers
- WebApp for Companies



Launch the site

Press & Tweets