It's weird how things start feeling normal the longer you live with them. It’s that feeling you get when you reconnect with someone after a long time, and they point out how much you’ve grown since the last time, even though everything feels like everything’s the same to you. We’re sure a philosopher or twenty have written about this.

We started Aerolab out of frustration with an industry that didn't seem to have a deep love for their craft or the teams behind their products. We wanted to create the place we'd love to work for, a place that fills us with the satisfaction of judging the things we make with our own bar. And looking at the path we’ve taken, we're really proud of our work so far.

It’s been more than a decade since then, and for the first time in many years, we took some time to reflect on what we’ve built, where we’re going, and what we haven’t noticed while we had our heads down in our work.

We realized that the company we designed back then was meant for an industry that no longer exists. We’re still as passionate and obsessive about our craft as ever. Still, in our opinion, that’s no longer enough. Obsession has somehow become just an expectation in our eyes.

What started as a group of people obsessed with getting every pixel just right has morphed into a company experienced in solving problems for amazing global brands and building some of the best product teams. We just weren’t telling anyone about it.

Today, we’re proud to announce that we've changed our logo slightly. And that the brand color went from #ff4f00 to #f75000. You can really feel the orange now.

But to us, this is just how we mark the start of the next stage of Aerolab. It's our way of telling everyone that we don't just bring ideas to earth or we make things feel like magic.

We make digital products that lift companies. Since 2012.

Robert, Ivan, and Agustin