Designing your pocket moneylender

Aug 2014



Alejandro Estrada and Juan Pablo Bruzzo, founder and CEO of DineroMail, decided to go further in the fields of finance and technology. They created the always convenient Moni, that revolutionizes the way in which we manage money. Moni is a web app through which users can apply for loans directly, without bank procedures and paperwork.



The need for a mobile version appeared shortly after the release of the amazing web app. The process of application for loans had to be faster and easier to access, while making it more convenient for users to enter their bank account from the app.

Moni needed to


The process of application for loans

Our strategy


An easy and intuitive app



The difference between the app and the bank


A friendly and approachable interface



We set out to eliminate complications for users. The limited number of steps to follow during the process led us to create fewer displays. The second forte of the app was security. The challenge was to prevent anyone from applying for a loan without the consent of the account owner.

Native App Design

Not just any map

moni flowmap schematic

Sharpening pencils

Digital Wireframes

User Interface

moni UI steps

Character Design

The beautiful Moni 3D was illustrated in a flat style, meeting the simplicity and speed required for the mobile app. Moreover, different versions of Moni were created to go along with the different messages generated by the app for users.

First Approach Final Approach


App icons

Logo App Icon

Menu icons

moni app menu icons moni app menu icons moni app menu icons