Jsconf 2014

An award winning screen-to-venue experience

Jun 2014 - Nov 2014



The JSConf has been, for a long time, an event made by and for people who love coding and development; it is an event for geeks in the "I freaking love JS" sense of the word. In 2014, the largest JavaScript conference in Latin America took place in the city of Buenos Aires, so this deserved to be accurately reflected.


  • Brendan Eich/ Mozilla CEO & Creator of JS
  • Andreas Gal/ Mozilla CTO
  • Tomasz Janczuk/ Auth0
  • Álvaro Videla/ RabbitMQ
  • Julian Duque/ NodeSource
  • Jason Chen/ Quill.js
  • Nathan Rajlich/ Node.js
  • Alex Sexton/ Stripe
  • Nikolay Bachiyski/ Automattic
  • Ángel ¨Java¨ López/ Southworks
  • Sara Chipps/ GirlDevelopIt
  • Nicolás García Belmonte/ Twitter
  • Juan Ignacio Dopazo/ Yahoo
  • María Evangelina Ferreira/ UTN
  • Mr Doob (Ricardo Cabello)/ three.js
  • Sebastián Markbage/ Facebook
  • Jaydson Gomes/ ES6rocks.com
  • Jennifer De Walt/ Wit.AI

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In merely 3 months, we had to develop more than just a digital product: we had to develop a 360° experience for users, and not just any users. This time the JSConf decided to talk to a more diverse public instead of focusing only on the JavaScript community.

It was necessary to:

  • Depict the city of Buenos Aires immersed in the JS world
  • Adjust the concept to a variety of representations and interactions

What we did for jsconf 2014



“Controlling the city” was the strategic concept that encouraged the idea of a user taking control of the web, the games, and different elements within reach of JS. With these parameters in mind, we ended up with the “Geeks invade Buenos Aires” visual concept, which was spread to other people thanks to the magic of streaming.


Color palette


Input Mono Bold, 36pt

Input Mono Regular, 36pt

Input Mono Regular, 18pt



Landing Page

Attack of the drones

To show the reach of JavaScript, we created an intuitive multiplayer top-down shooter game to connect users in real time, joining forces to shoot an army of invader drones. This was a good way to present a cutting edge JS platform using Node.js, Phaser.js, WebGL and Socket.io.

JS Terminal

It was an open invitation for programmers to interact with the elements of the website, which led to many creative and very funny screen captures that were shared by the community in social networks.

Real Time Ticket Sales

We showed real time ticket sales to let visitors know how many tickets were available at a given time. Both sets of Early Bird tickets were sold out in less than a minute, making it much more exciting to follow the indicator and encouraging people “on the fence” to make the decision to buy.

JSConf Argentina 2014: Tanda 2

A video posted by Agustín Linenberg (@limpa) on

Mobile Design

jsconf mobile app
jsconf mobile app
jsconf mobile app


A set of dashboards displayed the presentations of the moment, sponsors, twits, and conference photos. Everything was displayed in real time on LCD 55” screens distributed around the place and synchronized to the website through streaming.

Venue & Party

The most amazing part about this project was its size, because it was large, like really large. Not only did we design the digital elements, but we also planned the whole venue to arrange an exceptional and memorable experience.

Signage and Atmosphere

The key in an event of this size is to know where to find everything. We designed the layout of the space to make circulation easy and to have that fun and geeky look we had imagined.

Marketing campaign & Collaterals


Apart from identifying the staff, credentials offered easy access to the schedule, sponsor information, and code of conduct.


Ping-Pong Paddles


Tote Bag


Surprise Souvenirs

This arcade papercraft was our gift for the conference attendants. Afterwards, we uploaded it to the web so that anyone can download it, print it, put it together and keep it in their personal desk.

Get mine!


The 360° experience was completed with the design and animation of video presentations that proved more can be created, even when you think everything has already been created.

Conference Introduction

Coffee and Lunch Breaks

See you next year!


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