A platform to improve decision making in the Agro sector

Project summary

Los Grobo is a company leader of the agribusiness transformation in Latin America, offering solutions to agricultural producers. We teamed up with them to design a new platform based on data to improve their client's decision making process.


2 Product Designers 1 Project Manager


5 months


Product Discovery, Benchmarking report, UX Architecture, Design System, Prototype.


PWA, App mobile, Design System

Applied methodologies

Competitive benchmarking, User and Product Discovery, User interviews, Usability testing, Low-fi prototyping, High-fi prototyping.

We started by understanding

The challenge was to identify the main pain points in the communication between Commercial and Producer in order to improve it and transfer it to the digital level.

Moreover, it was an application that contained account statements, weather information, data on the size of the land, management of the stock of inputs, tools for market evaluation and a private community for Los Grobo's partners. This implied carrying out a very broad Benchmark.

"Working with Aerolab was very interesting. They provided methodologies to understand problems of the Producers we had never worked with and allowed us to have very interesting findings, which the team was able to transform into useful and beautiful screens."

Ianir Sonis
Product Owner at Los Grobo

Decision Making

​​The platform provides producers with fundamental information for their decision making in the agricultural business, with real-time data on weather, prices and products. And is also where all transactional information with the company is visible.

Main take aways

  1. Daily communication and alignment with the development team positively influenced on the delivery times.

  2. When working with large corporations, it is important to align and involve all stakeholders related to the definitions of the app (MKT, Commercial, Administration & Finance).

  3. It was not simple to digitalize an analog culture so rooted in a project that needs to be super Agile and validated week by week.

app on a phone

"We focused on creating a comprehensive, reusable and scalable Design System for a broad product with the premise of saving time for the development team, with whom we worked hand in hand throughout the project. All this without losing style and innovation."

Andrea Orlandi
Product designer, Aerolab

As agile as it can be

We collaborated with developers to streamline the design process with the building of the platform.


​​In building this platform, we learned about the impact on the producers' business of having in one place the campaigns, planting plans, their accounts and the evolution of the markets. This allowed them to make better decisions in less time.

Tomas Ginestet
Product Designer, Aerolab

We created a Design System ready to grow

We knew we were building something big, and we were just starting. That’s why we focused on scalable and reusable components.

The results

Through testing with users we managed to make the producers' account statement visible in a simple and intuitive way.

Achieved a library of components designed from Atomic Design in order to have a scalable product.

With the difficulty of complexity of the data, we could also reach a super clean visualization that helps the readability.