A Scalable Payment App

Building a solid and scalable digital payment app for continuous delivery.

Project summary


3 Full-Stack Developers 1 QA Analyst 1 Project Manager


9 months


Source code, Builds in App Store Connect & Play Store

Project type

Mobile App

Applied methodologies

Frontend implementation, QA

The Product

Having all teams both in Argentina and Chile, separated in several groups of infrastructure levels (from backend to frontend), created a challenge to be aligned with every part of the project on both communication, development requirements and stability.

Our new wallet will allow many users to join this new way of making payments and transfers, in an easy, fast and safe way.

Pablo Duro
Product Owner at FPay

The Takeaways

  1. It was really necessary to define, from the kick-off, the structure and requirements of the project and the repository to avoid having refactors or abrupt changes in the near future.

  2. For that, setting the bar of 80% of code coverage with automatised testing gave the team and the app itself several benefits; from faster development by relying on the code, to foreseen potential bugs ahead of time.

  3. And also, it was possible to build up, for example, a delivery flow in Bitrise that could compile several versions of the app to different places in both iOS and Android with just minimum effort.

The technologies applied gave both teams a lot of headroom related to manual testing time, delivering continuos features and fixes every week, and scalability.

With both back-end and front-end development starting at the same time, we had to take a dynamic approach creating several mocked integrations from scratch to avoid having the frontend development halted.

Development Team
at Aerolab

Having so many teams to sync and so many high priority tasks in a small period of time made us the necessity to change sprint to be on a one-week schedule, and having a planning each Monday to set precise focus.

Nicolás Andronowicz
Project Manager at Aerolab