Our clients


Banco Galicia

Building on top of the experience we created for their Mobile App, Banco Galicia approached us to improve the Web-based part of their service.

Grupo Petersen

With Grupo Petersen we redesigned the UX and UI of their four banks: Santa Fe, Entre Rios, San Juan, Santa Cruz. We implemented a modular design with components.

Banco Supervielle

Banco Supervielle reached out to us to redesign and develop their new website offering their products, services and benefits.



Naranja is Argentina’s biggest credit card issuer. They reached out to Aerolab to collaborate on a new website that involved multiple business units.


We worked alongside Ualá, a personal finance app that wanted to make a splash in the fintech scene and revolutionize the way people handle their money.


InvertirOnline is an Argentinean specialized broker for trading in the financial market. They have been operating for 20 years.


FPay is the new wallet and payment processor of Grupo Falabella. From Aerolab, we did the front-end development with React Native & our UX expertise.


Multimoney is a fintech company with 25+ years in the Central America financial market. We worked together to launch their re-branded new digital platform.


Swiss Medical Group

Swiss Medical Group approached us to design and develop a Progressive Web App (PWA) for their insurance online sale, as well as unifying their internal services.


With OSDE we designed and developed a Progressive Web App (PWA) for their insurance online sale, as well as redesigned their institutional website.


United Nations

We designed and developed a platform for the United Nations Bank of Technology in a pro bono work to share information of medical equipment related to COVID19.


Wingu is a nonprofit that helps strengthen other organizations missions through technology. We helped them design the UX and UI of an educational game platform.


123 Seguro

123 Seguro is one of Argentina’s first insurance startups. With Aerolab, we worked on the branding, design and development of their website.


We worked with Grupo Sura to redesign the internal portal where their producers can quote and issue policies online with an excellent user experience.


We worked with Zurich on the redesign and development of their platform to quote and sell car insurances by improving the user flow and experience.

San Cristobal

San Cristobal Seguros reached out to design the UX and UI of a platform to quote insurance policies and issue credits, as well as the design of their main Landing Page.



Born on March 2014, Xapo became one of the leading startups in bitcoins global market. We designed their brand guidelines and developed their main website.


Taringa! is a virtual community where users share information with collaborative interaction. We developed their wallet for users to exchange tcoins! for benefits.


Ripio is the main crypto wallet to acquire bitcoins in Latin America. We partnered up to do a Product Thinking, brand guidelines & Design System for their website and app.

Money Button

Money Button offers a simple system to accept payments over the internet. From Aerolab, we worked on the design of their website, product and user flow.



Telecom came to us to unify their main brands: Telecom, Cablevision, Fibertel and Personal and improve their user experience performance.


We partnered up with Claro to redesign and develop their website in Argentina with a new architecture and a search browser to improve their sales & Analytics.



Fox Sports partnered up with Aerolab to improve the performance of their website. We lowered the review time of a feature from 15 minutes to 6 seconds.


A24.com is a news platform adapted to their readers. We designed and developed their Progressive Web App (PWA) to successfully improve their performance and visits.


We designed the website conmemorating the 70th Anniversary of Clarín, one of the most popular newspapers in Argentina showing the last 7 decades of our history.

La Nación

La Nación in one of the most important media companies in Argentina. We helped on the product design and development of Entretiempos, an entretainment game app.



We worked with Streema to design the Simple Radio experience for Apple Watch by blending state-of-the-art technology with the simplicity of traditional radio.

Cartoon Network

We worked with Turner Broadcasting System (TBS) on a Cartoon Network product for kids, with a Design System & adaptable interface for 19 different languages.

Walt Disney

We worked with the Walt Disney Company on a Cartoon Network product for kids, with a Design System & adaptable interface for 19 different languages.



We worked with Acamica to re-design and develop a digital product to transform the online education experience for three roles: students, mentors and evaluators.


Udacity is an e-learning platform that teaches the most sought-after skills in today’s tech industry, helping young professionals find new opportunities.


With Nearpod we worked on the design and development of a new tool for their education software that allows children to collaborate and “brainstorm” during class.


Pramp is a software that connects engineers and programmers around the world over videochats and tools to practice live interviews for their future jobs.



Tottus is a chain of supermarkets located mainly in Peru and Chile. Our challange was to develop the full e-commerce website and app for both countries.

Arcos Dorados

We teamed up with DXC to work on the design and development of an Arcos Dorados internal product.

Real State


Zonaprop is one of the leading products in the Argentinean market of online real estate classifieds. They reached out to Aerolab to redesign their website and improve the user experience.

Travel & Tourism


Flybondi is the first low-cost airline based in Argentina. We worked on the design of their website and app to improve the user experience of ticket purchasing.


Bluesmart was a travel technology company that developed smart carry-on suitcases. We worked on the app design for their product to improve the user experience.



We worked with Pachama, a startup that leverages data and uses AI to restore forests and improve carbon markets to have a positive impact on solving climate change.


Zepl asked us to redesign their Big Data platform and make it more user-friendly. We optimized team collaboration and made them stand out them from the competition.


We had worked with Jampp back when they were just a scrappy startup fighting for a place at the grown-up’s table. Our challenge was to re-think the brand.


Pixel2HTML is an online service that brings web designs to life effortlessly. Users upload their designs and get them back as working websites, ready to be published.



Auth0 is the first identity management platform for application builders. We worked with them on the design and development of two landing pages.


We worked with NortonLifeLock on the app and website design for their subsidiary company Lifelock, an identity theft protection software.


Kaspersky is one of the fastest growing Information Technology companies in the world. Kaspersky Lab offers a wide range of security software. We designed their icons.


MagicCube is a company that specialies in software TEE security platform for mobile and IoT devices. We worked on the design of their landing page and branding.

Fitness & Sports


Tempo is an interactive fitness system with investment of Y Combinator. We worked on their MVP & established general parameters of motion UI for their 42" vertical screen.


Trainerize works on digitizing the member experience in leading fitness businesses worldwide. From Aerolab, we worked on their website.

Transports & Logistics


MaintainX is a work order and procedure scanning software for factory teams. In a 26-sprints project, we redesigned their web app and mobile experience.


Stache offers affordable, insured storage by connecting people to underutilized space in their community. We designed their landing and web app.



Navent is a group of online platforms of Real Estate and Job Search across eight countries: Argentina, Brasil, México, Peru, Ecuador, Chile, Venezuela and Panama.


Iguanafix is a platform that connects technicians for home solutions. We worked with them on the design of their website and app for Latin America.



Grandata is a San Francisco-based company that leverages advanced research in Human Dynamics to identify market trends. We worked on the design of their webapp.

Buenos Aires Ciudad

We designed a website for the government of the city of Buenos Aires to apply for mortgage loans offered by the “Instituto de Viviendas”.

Consumer Packaged Goods

Raised Real

Raised Real’s service enables parents to feed their children nourishing, flavorful homemade meals in a matter of minutes. We developed a custom e-commerce platform.


Natura is a multi-national sustainable cosmetics company. We worked with them on the design of a digital catalog for re-sellers in Argentina.

Food, Beverages, QSR


FUDO is an online software that helps entrepreneurs in the gastronomic field to manage their restaurant and delivery services.


Bierhaus is a brand of premium draft beer served in different locations across Argentina. We worked with them on the brand identity and website design.