The 10 commandments of product design – Part 2

In order to conciliate criteria and minimize communication problems with clients, we created a document with the 10 commandments of product design. This is the second part of it.

An Internet of Things night at Aerolab

What if we connected a flower pot to internet?

Creating a notifications system for Taringa! Shouts

We faced the challenge of making the Taringa! Shouts notifications system a useful and engaging tool for users

The 10 commandments of product design

We decided to create a document with the ten fundamental principles of product design to help UX/UI designers to optimize and speed up their work process.

Aerolab will be rocking it at The Montues

Ale Vizio and Wiki Chaves will enjoy 3-days of creative discussions and epic talks with the coolest designers around the world at the Epicurrence – The Montues event.

The power of Project Review

We decided to include an instance of Project Review in our work process. It’s a space for debate in which we evaluate every project we’re working on.

We sponsored the Frontinsampa event in Brazil

We gave our support to the major front-end developers conference in São Paulo. Sergio Behrends, our lead developer, was one of the guest speakers.

We presented Taringa! Shouts at Google Playtime

The event brings together Latin American companies which rank as having the most used apps in the region.

Welcome to the world, Jukebox

Jukebox is a digital platform that allows customers to choose the music of a bar, a nightclub or a party, directly from their phones.

Paper, I choose you!

Starting a project on paper helps us distribute time in a much more efficient manner. That’s why, we leave our computer aside, grab an actual paper notebook a pencil and just draw away!

The role of copywriting in UX

Copywriting has a paramount role in building the identity of a brand. Its main objective is to transmit in a clear, simple and direct way the message that a company wants to convey to its users.

How to become a Product Designer

The Product Designer is an essential part of any company that develops applications. Although anyone can work in this field, there is a quality that every designer must have: dedication.

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